The Dutch company must have at least 1 director (in most cases local). Director’s details are listed in the Trade Register (Kamer van Koophandel) and are publicly available. Professional Local Director will preserve the anonymity of the factual general manager/decision-maker, and allow the business to comply with the substance tax requirements – the real presence of business in the country of registration. Get in contact with our experts if you need additional information.


  • Having a local director guarantees the company a VAT number.
  • The presence of a local director makes it easier to open a bank account in a Dutch bank
  • The Local Director ensures anonymity/confidentiality of the factual general manager/decision-maker.
  • When using a local director, the factual manager does not need to visit the Netherlands for the signing of documents, participation in the shareholder meetings, tax inspections, etc.
  • In order to be able to use certain tax advantages, the director of a Dutch company must be the permanent resident of the Netherlands. Thus, the use of a local director allows to optimize taxation and take advantage of double tax treaties agreements.
  • Whereas it is required to have no affiliation between the companies (i.e. Dutch company and its Swiss counterpart), the local director signs the contracts on behalf of the Dutch company.
  • The presence of a local director contributes to a reliable and trusting image of a Dutch company.

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