Advantages of Legal Address/Registered Office
Each company must have a Registered Office/Address in the country of registration. We will provide you with the Registered Office/Address for your company in one of the prestigious office centers, including the postal address for business correspondence and mail forwarding service.

  • Compliance with the requirement of having a Registered Office/Address without having to rent an expensive office space.
  • All incoming mail is automatically scanned and sent to you.
  • When your Registered Office/Address is visited by the client or partner, the visitor will always receive confirmation that your company is located exactly there.
  • In case of request from Tax Authorities to conduct a tax inspection at the company’s Registered Office/Address, we will provide you with the office space for inspection to take place.
  • If necessary, the corporate documents and accompanying documentation can be kept at the Registered Office/Address.
  • No need to make an address change at all the organizations and services, as well as on forms, business cards, websites, etc. in case of moving to another office.