No. All paperwork can be prepared without the personal presence of the beneficial owner.
All personal information of the client remains only with, is not filed on any public records. We are most inherently interested to keep client information under lock and key.
Yes, if the director makes such decisions, we can carry out all the formalities and change the company's name.
A shelf / ready-made company is a company that has been already formed and incorporated, registered on a prior date. Shelf / ready-made companies are corporate entities that have been established by, who holds the company until a purchasing by a new owner. When the transaction is made, the ownership of the company transfers from to the third party, who then commences trading activity under the company name.

As a rule, a shelf / ready-made company hasn't been conducted any business activity so far. It was created and left with no activity - metaphorically put on the "shelf" to "age"(aged corporation). There is quite often that investors want to start business as soon as possible without waiting for all (time-consuming) procedures of brand new companies formation and registration to be completed, and they decide to buy a shelf / ready-made company which can be sold smoothly to a person or group of persons who wish to start a company without going through all the procedures of creating a new company. General, a great solution is to buy a company that has been not commenced business and has no liabilities or debts. At the same time, they are fully registered, and they allow to start the business the same day after handling formalities related to purchasing shares.

Another reason for purchasing a shelf / ready-made company is the occasional necessity for a company that has already been in legal existence for some time - for formalizing an existing de-facto deal, or for purely having a company that already has some age. A variation of this option is the so-called "vintage" or "aged" company. A vintage company may have been held one or more years "on the shelf" before the sale. A purchase of a vintage company is justified when there is a genuine necessity to show that the company has actually been in legal existence for an extended period of time.