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We guarantee to buy any company we inspect and take care of the entire sales and paperwork process, including ownership transfer and payment into your bank account.

Your reliable partner for company sales
You want to sell your company in a fast and easy way? Then BuyCompany.com is the right address for you! We take care of the entire sales process for your company.

BuyCompany.com offers a new, safe and convenient way of selling your company:

Step 1: Use our free company valuation service regardless of type and jurisdiction of your company to determine the best company price.

Step 2: Take advantage of the professional and free company inspection.

Step 3: Complete the sale and get paid if you are happy with our offer.

The fast company buying service by BuyCompany.com – the perfect alternative to time-consuming and tiring advertisements.

BuyCompany.com offers free ownership transfer service, escrow service, free legal and tax advice. In any situation, we offer you a fast, easy and fair company buying service.

We really buy any company
We buy any company. For each company, we like to perform a free inspection, including the evaluation and guarantee to purchase your company for a fair price. Sell any company in a short time at fair prices and do not burden yourself with the complex sales process. Use the purchase service of our company.

Get maximum prices in a convenient and easy way
Whether Ltd, GmbH, BV, Inc. or LLP – we buy all types. We ensure complete transparency and safety for you. With the BuyCompany.com online valuation, you can instantly calculate a first price estimate for your company. Afterward, you can send us the company documents and our trained legal experts will inspect and evaluate your company and make you an offer. If you agree with the price you can directly sell your company and the entire sale process will be managed by BuyCompany.com.

Professional free estimate for your company
For the best possible sale, you should get an evaluation of your company first. The fast, free and professional estimate by BuyCompany.com experts makes this possible. Find out quickly and easily what your company is worth. With the basic information about jurisdiction, legal form, age, and activity you can immediately get a first orientation value. Afterward, you can send us the company documents for a completely free evaluation performed by our experts.

With BuyCompany.com you can seriously estimate the value of your company and get the opportunity to sell it quickly.

What's the Deal?


Get a free no obligation valuation of your company


Send documents for a free company inspection

100% SALE

Complete the sale and get paid if you are happy with the offer

Why choose us?


We guarantee to buy any company at a fair price.


Free online valuation and company inspection


All done in 1 day. We transfer the money straight into your bank account.

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