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Affiliate Program

The Affiliate Program invites website owners, bloggers, social media publishers, media sites and online forum operators to promote our site and products and earn commissions on sales they refer to shop. We offer the highest marketplace commission percentage. All affiliates will receive up to 50% net commission for every generated sale on

We have partnered with, the most trusted affiliate network in the industry. They offer a great collection of tools to help you promote shop. You will have access to an affiliate dashboard stocked with ready-to-use tracking links including banners, text links, and product ads that you can use to promote shop. When a shopper clicks your affiliate link and makes a qualified purchase, you’ll earn a commission on the sale. Affiliate Program also provides easy access to reporting on traffic sent, sales generated and commissions earned.

It couldn’t be simpler! We’ve streamlined our entire affiliate process to ensure ease of use, while still maintaining extremely accurate tracking methods. The process is as follows:

  • Visitor clicks on an affiliate link on your site or in an email.
  • A cookie is placed in the visitor’s browser for tracking purposes.
  • The visitor browses our site and may decide to order.
  • If the visitor orders (the order doesn’t need to be placed during the same browser session – cookies are stored for three months), the order will be registered as a sale for you.
  • Our system will show you your total earnings, how many referrals do you have and notify you when a sale is made.
  • You will receive commission payouts via Bank or PayPal on the last day of every month.

Our affiliate program is free to join and requires no technical knowledge. It is easy, just follow this 3 step procedure:

  • Sign up to open a free account or Sign in if you already have one.
  • Click on Promotion / Campaigns / to receive your referral ID kinks, banners, and ads.
  • Insert the received code on your website and start earning referrals!

How much money can I make as affiliate?

That is entirely up to you! We offer a huge assortment of all items from unique to common, but selling more expensive items like ready-made or new companies can boost your earnings. Our commission rates vary depending on the affiliate type with payouts of up to 50% available. Your ability to earn will be based on how much traffic you can generate and the level of engagement and trust you have with your audience.

What’s the Deal?

Easy to get started

Becoming a affiliate is as easy as 1-2-3. All you need to do is create your affiliate account – it’s free and fast. We’ll send you a unique affiliate link that you can share with your own network.

Up to 50% commission

1. You refer a customer. 2. Customer makes a purchase. 3. Guess what? Money in your pocket. Love the deal? Join our Affiliate Program today.

No minimum payouts

You’ll always get what’s due. No minimum payout amounts, earnings or withdrawals. Link your Paypal or Bank account and get paid directly at the end of every month.

You sell – we support

Once the sale is done, you don’t need to worry about anything. All customer support related questions are on us. Your referrals are in the safest of hands.

It’s transparent

We use Affiliatix, one of the most reliable affiliate solutions, which allows you to track and monitor your commissions in real-time. When a visitor clicks on the unique affiliate link, we remember them. Even if they do not immediately decide to purchase, you will have 3 months to convince them.

A great product

It’s incredibly easy to use and our pricing is better than the competition. Help your audience join over 20,000+ business owners from 181 countries who already love

Who Can Benefit From Our Program


Our product was made by lawyers for lawyers. If you are a lawyer yourself, shout it from the rooftops and earn big!


Monetize your blog by adding our banners and affiliate links to your posts. Spread the word to your blogger community and make money.


Do you help your clients set up their business? Just recommend us and start earning money today.

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