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Selling your business with BuyCompany.com is as easy as ABC

The world’s largest marketplace for buying and selling a business. Market your business to a large audience of local, national and international buyers. Contact us to have your business listed same-day on our marketplace.

Here's how it works:

Submit your Business to us

Send us your request to list your business on our platform. You are required to send us necessary earnings information so that the review can begin earnestly. Please note: we screen all website and business extensively, so please ensure all data is accurate.

Get listed in the marketplace

After screening and passing the listing process, your Business is approved to be listed on the marketplace and shared with the contacts on our email list. Your success is just beginning.

Get an offer and close the deal

We are never short of investors looking for established, profitable, and marketable businesses to put their money into. We showcase your Business to buyers in your specific category and once we have a serious prospect at hand, we discuss the terms of purchase, close the deal and inform you of the good news.

Why sell a business with us?

Reach 1.5 million buyers

More than 1.5 million buyers visit our site every month looking to buy a business. We rank on the first page of Google for thousands of search terms so there’s really no better place when selling your business.

Pay no commission

No commission or hidden charges. All fees and expenses paid by the buyer.

Easy to use

Add your business for sale in less than 10 minutes. We’ll contact you each time a buyer is interested in.

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